VLANs pfSense and ESXi

VLANs are a very common networking technology used in our computer networks. In this post i will outline the steps i took to create and configure 2 VLANs on my ESXi machine, using a Dell PowerConnect 5324, and a pfSense firewall appliance.

In this example we will create 2 VLANs, 100 which we will call internal with the network and VLAN 200,  with the network which we will call clients

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New site

After a few years of grabbing random wordpress themes that i did not like, i have decided to dive into creating a simple theme that i can stick with ( for a while at least.. ). It turns out it is really easy to get something basic up. Keep in mind that i am sure there will be tons of stuff missing, and possibly broken as i work out which files and templates i should create. I still have no idea what may appear on this blog section, but hopefully in the future i can find something interesting i want to write about.

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